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From our kitchen to yours
At Casa Verde, we make food that inspires second helpings, drama-free dinners, and many exclamations of, “I-can’t-believe-this-is-plant-based!” Ready to get creative? Our collection of chef-made recipes will transport your taste buds and ignite your imagination. Oh, and fill your belly with nourishing, sustainably-grown plant-based goodness!
What Is Hispanic Heritage Month & Why Is It Important in 2022?
Every year, from September 15 to October 15, the United States observes Hispanic Heritage Month. The annual celebration commemorates the history of Latinx and Hispanic peoples, their experiences, and how they've helped shaped American history and culture. But what does... Read More
8 Classic Mexican Dishes for Beginner Cooks
Many believe that authentic food from Mexico came from the Mayan Indians. They used corn tortillas, fish, and chili peppers in their dishes, which are still seen in popular Mexican dishes today. Traditional Mexican food is flavor-filled, spicy, and fresh.... Read More
How to Make Legendary Al Pastor Tacos
Did you know that the yearly consumption of tacos al pastor is steadily growing over time?It's no wonder. Al pastor tacos are a delicious Mexican dish that has spread from its origin in Puebla, Mexico to countries all over the... Read More
The Ultimate Guide on Different Ways to Eat Mole Sauce
  Did you know that mole sauce was invented as early as the 17th century? It is believed that a nun in a convent in Puebla invented this unique sauce to honor an archbishop who was soon to be visiting... Read More
7 Garbanzo Bean Recipes Everyone Should Try
Garbanzo beans are amongst the top sources of plant-based protein. Filled to the brim with vitamins A, E, and C, these little beans do wonders for your health without breaking the bank. What’s more, they’re absolutely delicious and can be... Read More
How to Make Vegetarian Stew
Lower blood pressure and cholesterol; are just a couple of the health benefits of dropping meat. Becoming a vegetarian doesn't mean you have to sacrifice flavor. After cutting animal products out of your diet, you'll find that there are all... Read More
Lentil Mole
  Mole is a truly versatile sauce, bringing richness to meats and fish, and coaxing surprisingly complex flavors from vegetables and grains. Our convenient heat-and-eat Lentil Mole lets you enjoy big flavor without the big cleanup. Enjoy our delicious Lentil... Read More
Red Bean Pozole
  Looking for a delicious, nourishing, actually satisfying meal that’s faster than takeout? Meet our easy heat n’ eat Red Bean Pozole! Ready in 5 minutes (or 60 seconds in the microwave), our Red Bean Pozole features sweet Mexican corn,... Read More
Coconut Chowder
  We took our time slow-cooking this savory Coconut Chowder so you don’t have to. (You can thank us later.) All you gotta do to enjoy this rich Moqueca-inspired stew loaded with a satisfying mix of garbanzos, sweet potatoes, mild... Read More
Garbanzos Al Pastor
  The best things in life are simple. That’s why there are just two easy steps to enjoy our delicious Garbanzos Al Pastor: just heat and eat! Our Garbanzos Al Pastor go great in street tacos and wraps, with a... Read More