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For our Latinx community, food means love. Our cuisine is a rich, living heritage of traditional ingredients, vibrant colors, and authentic flavors passed from generation to generation like treasured heirlooms.




This is one of the best tasting dishes I've had in a while. So easy to make at home, and such great flavor! I loved the Red Bean Pozole and will definitely order the other entrees to try too.

John C.

A friend gave me some Casa Verde at a party and I bought a 6 pack of the Pozole. I didn't miss eating meat. I've been wanting to eat more veggies. These pouches are really delicious

Joan P.

These guys nailed it! I'm obsessed. My favorite Casa Verde product is the Red Bean Pozole. I just can't get enough of it. Already on my 3rd order. Whoever reads this, must try it!

Collin C.

Never thought I would find an AUTHENTIC AL PASTOR product, finally I can make my plant based Tacos al Pastor. .

Philip H.

Just bought this product. Quick to have everything ready and making tacos with this, one of the best meals you can have at home. The flavor is amazing and nutritional values on point! 

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I just added my Coconut chowder with some Basmati rice and it delivered a TRUE CULINARY EXPERIENCE... TOP FLAVOR

AEstuardo P.

When I saw the product I got really excited to try it and it didn't disappoint. You can appreciate the quality of the ingredients. Was so convenient , it will become new dinner staple in my house.

Susana P.

I am a huge mole fan, and this lentil mole is amazing! It tastes like something you would get in a restaurant and it's so easy to eat at home. Will definitely be ordering more!

Emma P.

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