Coconut Chowder


We took our time slow-cooking this savory Coconut Chowder so you don’t have to. (You can thank us later.) All you gotta do to enjoy this rich Moqueca-inspired stew loaded with a satisfying mix of garbanzos, sweet potatoes, mild yellow peppers, and spiced red beans is just heat and eat. That’s it! Simply microwave for 60 seconds, or toss the whole pouch in boiling water for 5 minutes. (No really, you can thank us later.) 

Serving Suggestion #1: 

Pay homage to this Chowder’s Brazilian roots by serving our warm Coconut Chowder with a dish of pan-fried ripe plantain slices! The subtle caramel-sweetness of the ripe plantains compliments the rich creaminess of the coconut cream broth. Garnish with cilantro leaves and toasted pepitas! 

Serving Suggestion #2:

Comfort food, Latinx style! For a warming, wholesome meal in minutes, simply heat our Coconut Chowder and scoop up the delicious broth with a stack of warm flour tortillas. For an added kick, top with some thinly sliced jalapenos and a handful of diced avocado.