Red Bean Pozole


Looking for a delicious, nourishing, actually satisfying meal that’s faster than takeout? Meet our easy heat n’ eat Red Bean Pozole! Ready in 5 minutes (or 60 seconds in the microwave), our Red Bean Pozole features sweet Mexican corn, hearty red beans, and protein-rich grilled tofu, all simmered together in a traditional mild guajillo chile sauce. 

Serving Suggestion #1: 

A traditional (almost) home-cooked meal, faster than you can say “tengo hambre.” Serve up our hearty Red Bean Pozole in a wide, shallow bowl and garnish generously with minced red onion, thinly sliced red radish, and chopped cilantro. Balance it all out with a squeeze of bright acidity from some lime wedges, and you’re all set. ¡Buen provecho! 

Serving Suggestion #2: 

Add some crunch to your lunch, dinner, or midnight snack! Simply heat up our Red Bean Pozole and serve with a side of warm refried beans. Top with a mound of shredded romaine lettuce, a handful or two of coarsely crushed tortilla chips, and diced white onion. Boom - Red Bean Pozole “taco salad.”